TCS webmail: Tata consultancy is really biggest company in the world, In mainly TCS is progressive in india but spreading over the world. The official website of TCS is and it creates utilizes of TCS webmail forces get whole details for account sign in firmly. If you are forget your password then you can make use of the recover password facility to acquire your account back and active.

TCS webmail login

TCS Webmail Login:

TCS company have migrated their webmail behind the VPN. The main reason of this migration can be anything. But this migration can create a temporary problem for the employees. In that time it is not possible to access emails outside of the company’s premises and technically you won’t be able to access the latest work related emails from your mobiles devices.

  • First of you have to identify yourself with the TCS webmail login page as a Tata practice services worker victimization webmail. for secure mail access at workplace or home place.
  • The homepage of TCS official website for any worker is employed to visualize email messages whereas on location for a business or consumer partners.
  • Tcs can provide you the login details and this log in contains 2 elements, a username and secure code. You will head to TCS and establish yourself within the mail system together with your TCS webmail login issues by your supervisor.
  • In any business solutions and IT services need that you simply check your mail usually for project communications and client inquiries from co-workers within the field.

So what is the solutation:

There are multiple ways to rectify this problem or access your email over any apple or android devices.

How to access TCS webmail through Citrix receiver:

  • There is an app Citric receiver on google play store and app store. You have to download and install it on your mobile devices.
  • This Citric receiver app is designed to access your desktop, email and other application from your mobile device.
  • After the installation, open netscaler gateway, it is a new login page of the Tata consultancy service company.
  • In this app you have to use your ultimatix credentials to login.
  • After finishing that, it will take you to webmail through Citric receiver app.
  • In this app you have to select lotus webmail which will take you to TCS webmail page.
  • Then enter your webmail username and password to access emails on android and IOS devices.

This app can help you to access your TCS mails outside TATA consultancy systems from any devices. You are not able to access emails which are older than three days.

In earlier TCS employees can access work related emails from the official website of Tata consultancy services. However the TCS company has moved this address to a new address to offer a better user experience for its employee. Tata consultancy has created a partnership with Citric which will give a flawless performance.

 Now TCS employee can easily open netscaler gateway and access their emails. No need to open website, with the help of netscaler user can login into the webmail with a simple click.